Very Simple method for Cold Water Extraction

Very Simple method for Cold Water Extraction

It is simple and it takes under 1 minute:Cold Water Extraction simple method

All you need is: 2 glasses (or anything that can hold water); Tissue paper; Spoon (or your finger, anything to blend with); Water.

STEP 1. Placed pills in the main holder. Pour enough COLD water to totally submerge pills (from the sink, no compelling reason to cool it in ice chest). No requirement for exorbitant water. Blend untill all pills are totally broken down.

STEP 2. Take 2 bits of tissue on top of each other, hold them on top of the second holder like a channel; tenderly pour substance of compartment 1 through channel into holder 2.

THAT’S IT! drink the water, dispose of the stuff got in the channel.

It is THAT simple. Obviously, this is the bearbones of it, just to show how simple it is with the goal that you have no reason not to do it! For a more refined procedure, do a pursuit. Be that as it may, this as-is WORKS. Not just will your liver say thanks to me for helping you to remember this and sparing its life, additionally you will when you discover your medications are hitting you speedier and harder!

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